What HVAC Cleaning Solutions Can You Use and Not Use on HVAC Equipment?

Cleaning is an integral part of HVAC maintenance. It helps reduce airborne particles that can affect your health and your HVAC system, and it can improve energy efficiency. The right cleaning products and techniques are essential to the proper cleaning of HVAC equipment. Let’s explore effective HVAC cleaning solutions.


Cleaning an HVAC system requires the removal of dirt, dust layers, and other sources of contamination. Agitation devices break contaminants loose from the surfaces within your heating and cooling system. These devices include:

  • Rotating brushes on extendable poles
  • Air whips
  • Compressed air nozzles

You can also achieve agitation through contact vacuuming or hand brushing.

Disinfection with HVAC Cleaning Solutions

Over time, your HVAC equipment can become an incubator for microbes like mold, fungi, yeast, and bacteria. Antimicrobial chemicals like sanitizers, deodorants, and disinfectants are applied to the nonporous surfaces within your HVAC system to tackle antimicrobial contamination and control odors. However, only chemicals that have been registered with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) should be used.

Antimicrobial products should only be used after the completion of mechanical surface cleaning. The products can be applied through several methods, such as spray disinfection, cool mist disinfection, and aerosol disinfection.

Spray disinfection involves spraying an antimicrobial chemical directly onto surfaces from a short distance. Cool-mist disinfection involves the use of smaller spray droplets. The spray mist penetrates farther around obstacles and curves. In aerosol disinfection, the antimicrobial chemical is atomized into smaller droplets than those cool-mist disinfection uses. It offers excellent surface coverage but has a higher susceptibility to soiling.

While using HVAC cleaning solutions isn’t difficult, it’s usually fairly labor-intensive. You may have to create service openings to clean the inside parts and then close the openings after you’ve finished cleaning. This requires professional skills and craftsmanship.

Having your HVAC equipment cleaned properly will protect your family’s health and your heating and cooling system. If you need HVAC maintenance using top-quality HVAC cleaning solutions in the Broken Arrow area, don’t hesitate to contact the certified technicians at Air Assurance.

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