North Carolina HVAC School

How Long is HVAC School in North Carolina?

Several different training programs are available for anyone who intends to become an accredited HVAC technician in North Carolina, and they can last anywhere between six months and two years. The duration of a course will depend on the training institution that is offering it, and students can choose to attend college, trade school, or even technical school.

Aspiring HVAC technicians will also need to accumulate a minimum of 18 months or 3,000 hours of work experience before they will be allowed to submit their application to obtain their technician’s license as well. Once the 3,000 hours of experience have been accumulated, candidates will be able to take their HVAC Technician Examination. 

How Much is HVAC School in North Carolina?

When enrolling in any form of HVAC training at a trade school or other learning institution, you can expect course fees to run anywhere between $10,000 and $25,000. However, there may sometimes be various forms of financial aid available for qualifying students – it is strongly recommended that you inquire about this before enrolling. 

Keep in mind that the above-mentioned costs will usually only be for tuition, and won’t include other expenses such as living on campus or purchasing the books and/or tools that you’ll need to complete your studies. 

How do I Become an HVAC Technician in North Carolina?

A few steps will need to be taken to become an accredited HVAC technician in North Carolina:

  • Attend a recognized HVAC diploma certificate program or alternatively, earn a two year degree; or
  • Obtain a formal apprenticeship through a local trade organization or union or serve an informal apprenticeship through a sponsoring employer as an entry-level technician who is being supervised by a licensed and qualified HVAC technician
  • After completing classroom training and obtaining the required hands-on experience, you can submit an application to take exam for one of the three available license options. Keep in mind that the license you apply for must be in the Class and Group for which you’ve met the eligibility requirements
  • Complete your application and ensure that signatures are notarized wherever required
  • Obtain background check information from an approved provider of this service
  • Send your completed application with its required documents and fees to the Board office
  • If additional info is needed or the application is denied, you’ll be informed. If your application is approved, you’ll be notified as well
  • Your exam must be taken within 30 days of receiving your notification
  • If you pass, you’ll need to submit your completed Licensing Activation form and fee so you can obtain your license
  • If you intend becoming a contractor instead of working indefinitely as a technician, you’ll need an additional two years of full time experience on site with installing, maintaining, servicing or repairing plumbing or heating systems related to the category you intend becoming licensed in 

Is HVAC in Demand in North Carolina?

The job market for HVAC technicians in North Carolina is expected to grow by more than 16% between now and 2024, meaning that there will virtually always be a demand for technicians who are qualified and experienced. 

Is HVAC a Good Career in North Carolina?

Salaries for HVAC technicians in North Carolina average at about $29 per hour or $40,000 per year, and technicians with more than ten years of experience can earn as much as $65,000 per year – not including overtime and holiday pay. With such a good growth rate for job vacancies and above-average pay rates, becoming an HVAC technician in North Carolina will be an excellent career move.