HVAC schools in Missouri will put you on the right track towards a promising career as an HVAC technician. As an HVAC technician you will do service and installation, maintenance and repairing of air conditioning, ventilation, and heaters. You will also learn how to solve common problems which are associated with things in central air systems, heat pumps, AC compressors and furnaces.

There are different types of HVAC programs which you can select from. If you want to go for a short term they will be around 2 to 5 months, or you can even go for long term courses like bachelors/ diploma which are nearly three to five years. You can also focus on one expertise such as repair and installation of home A/C’s.

If you enjoy hands on work that requires technical skills and offers a challenging yet rewarding career, there are plenty of HVAC Schools in Missouri that can cater to your individual needs, be it cost related or course related.

Here is a list of HVAC schools in Missouri which can be helpful on your quest for finding the right HVAC training school for you: